School Community Based Program
Grades K-5


This year in math we will be working on a variety of early math skills including rote counting, relating counting to addition/subtraction, creating sets, prepositions, and identifying numbers, shapes, and colors.


In reading we will be working on early literacy skills such as print concepts, identifying letters, words, and letter sounds, recognizing names in print, comprehension through "WH" questions (Who, What, When, Where, Why).

Functional Words

Our class will be working on using and recognizing new functional words that they have learned from class themes and activities.  We will target words that we incorporate into our daily schedule and routines.

Science/Social Studies

Throughout the school year we will be following Curriculum 2.0 in Science and Social Studies. We will also target social skills such as turn-taking and greeting peers. These skills will be incorporated into our daily routine.

Community Trips

We will be going out into the community every Friday where we will be practicing social skills, money handling skills, and object/picture identification and matching.

Instructional Learning Sites



Ms. Rachel Lynott | Ms. Cara Wagner


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