Grade 5


Accelerated Math 5/6

Quarter 2

  • Understanding ratios and rates
  • Application of ratios and rates
  • Division of fractions
  • Multi-digit computation

Math 5

Quarter 2

We will continue working on Partial Quotient Division and its inverse relationship with Multiplication.  Then we will move on to adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing using fractions for the rest of the quarter.


Quarter 2

Literary text: Junior Great Books, traditional stories, themes in literature, narrator's or speaker's point of view Language - Vocabulary: collaborative discussions, affixes & roots, figurative language & word relationships, academic & content specific vocabulary

Literary text: mysteries, use of quotes when inferring, themes in literature, narrator's or speaker's point of view,   comparison of two or more characters, settings, or events, text structure, comparison of same genre

Informational text: literary nonfiction, main idea & key details, relationships among individuals, events, ideas, or concepts, use of quotes when inferring, main ideas & key details, information location in multiple resources, comparison of structure in texts, use of reasons & evidence to support points in text Language


Quarter 2

This quarter we will be studying and identifying types of Myths, Folktales and Fables.  We will then use the characteristics and write one of the three for an original writing piece.

We will also research and investigate different types of movements in our country's history. (ex civil rights)  We will take the information that we find and create an informational brochure to educate others on those various movements. 


Quarter 2

Students will be exploring waves with a focus on electromagnetic waves and how we use them to help us communicate and share information.

Social Studies

Quarter 2

  • The Articles of Confederation
  • Constitutional Convention
  • The Bill of Rights

Field Trips

If you wish to volunteer for a field trip this year, you must complete an online training course

Common Sense Education

Periodically, students will be engaged in the Common Sense Education Curriculum during media classes with Miss Kleponis. This curriculum focuses on digital citizenship, empowering students "to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions online." Each lesson comes with a Family Tip Sheet. Please feel free to download the tip sheet for use at home.

Lesson 1: Talking Safely Online



Mrs. Jane Connolly | Ms. Brittany Drannan | Mr. Mace Moore


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