Grade 5


Compacted Math 5/6

Students will write and solve equations with two variables. The students will also be finding volume, area and surface area of geometrical figures. At the end of the quarter, the students will be analyzing data distributions.

Math 5

Students will be able to multiply and divide decimals using place value strategies. 

Students will be able to plot ordered numbers on a coordinate grid.

Students will be able to categorize polygons with a focus on quadrilaterals.


Students will be reading informational texts to compare text structures, find key details, and determine main idea.

Students will also be reading literary texts to examine theme, plays, and point of view. 


Students will work on understanding informative poems and write an informational poem of their own. Students will research careers and write an opinion piece on jobs they believe will be around in 15 to 20 years.


Students will explore physical traits, heredity, and DNA.

Social Studies

Students will be learning about financial literacy. They will learn about careers, debit, credit, saving, and spending.

Field Trips

April 16th  Mount Vernon - We will leave school at 9:00 and return at 3:00 .

If you wish to volunteer for a field trip this year, you must complete an online training course

Common Sense Education

Periodically, students will be engaged in the Common Sense Education Curriculum during media classes with Miss Kleponis. This curriculum focuses on digital citizenship, empowering students "to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions online." Each lesson comes with a Family Tip Sheet. Please feel free to download the tip sheet for use at home.

Lesson 1: Talking Safely Online 
Lesson 2: Cyberbullying

Lesson 3: Stereotypes


Mrs. Jane Connolly | Ms. Brittany Drannan | Mr. Mace Moore

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