Grade 4 


Math 4

Students will be able to…   

  • Multiply a fraction by a whole number,
  • Solve word problems involving measurement, distances, intervals of time, masses of objects
  • add, subtraction & multiply fractions

Compacted Math 4/5*
Students will be able to…

  • Solve multi-digit multiplication problems
  • Solve multi-digit division problems
  • Solve equations involving volume and mass

*Compacted math has a fast-paced curriculum so please be aware that we will go over many different topics each week.


Students will be able to…

  • Identify Characteristics of Fantasy
  • Find text evidence when inferring,
  • Identify point of view,
  • Compare themes or topics in stories
  • Use vocabulary and reference materials,
  • Identify figurative language & word relationships,
  • Identify academic & content specific vocabulary

TEXT GENRES: Fantasy and Informational Text

The 4th grade has departmentalized so the following subjects are split between the three teachers:

Writing with Mr. Fairchild

Students will be able to…

  • Compose a Memoir
  • Describe and identify types of advertisements (Quarter 3 Inquiry) 
  • Create a persuasive advertisement and a visual aid (Quarter 3 Inquiry) 

Science with Miss Silnicky

Students will be able to…

  • Describe the processes of erosion and weathering

Social Studies with Ms. Segal

Students will be able to…

  • Describe various settlements of colonial America and analyze the difficulties encountered by settlers 

Other Important Information

  • Students are able to access their Chromebook accounts at home if they would like to complete any unfinished activities or to use any of the sites shared with them on their Google Classroom page.  Students will need to remember their username and password in order to access their account at home. 

Field Trips

There are currently no field trips planned for this month but we will let you know if any trips come up.

Common Sense Education

Periodically, students will be engaged in the Common Sense Education Curriculum during media classes with Miss Kleponis. This curriculum focuses on digital citizenship, empowering students "to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions online." Each lesson comes with a Family Tip Sheet. Please feel free to download the tip sheet for use at home. 

Lesson 1: Strong Passwords 


Mr. Aaron Fairchild | Ms. Melissa Segal | Ms. Hanna Silnicky


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