First Grade  


In January, first graders will be working on math routines including:

problem solving strategies .We will be able to add three numbers (sums to 20 )

We will make direct comparisons by ordering length.

It is very important that first graders know their facts fluently to five and then fluently to ten.


This month, students will be focusing on many indicators in reading!

We will be able to ask and answer questions to determine meaning of words.

We will use illustrations and details to describe key ideas and we will look for context clues.

We will distinguish between information in illustrations and words.

We will look for real life connections.

We will be able to capitalize names of people.

We will produce complete sentences with the use of commas in a series.

We will remember ending punctuation.

We will use pronouns, verbs, and adjectives.

We will also be working on Opinion pieces.

Science/Social Studies

In January, our students will be scientists.

They will be able to describe causes for changes in an object's motion.

We will be able to give descriptions of the effects of magnets on objects.

We will brainstorm questions regarding the effects of magnets on objects and classify materials using magnets.

We will discuss our five senses and how to stay physically fit.

In social studies , students will continue learning about ways people in the community meet human needs.

We will discuss the need for social skills and working in cooperative groups.

We will explore people, objects, and events of today and long ago.

We will discuss differences between past and present.

We will be able to explore physical characteristics such as climate, vegetation, geographic tools to locate and describe a place.

Learning Skills and Behavior

We will continue to collaborate with others.

We will complete learning tasks.

We will have creative thinking skills.

We will achieve critical thinking skills.

We will show effort/motivation/ and persistence.

We will continue to show attention.

We will follow directions.

The first grade teachers would like to thank the families of our students for taking the time to discuss classroom rules.

Other Important Information

We hope you had a safe and fun winter break!

Thank you for all of your kind wishes!!  Happy New Year!

January 2- Return to School

January 15-Dr. Martin Luther King Day- No School

January 25- Early Release Day

January 26-Professional Day for Teachers- No school for students

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