First Grade  


In April, first graders will be working on math routines that includes

Addition(2-digit to multiples of 10) and subtraction (2-digit multiples of 10);

With written methods, strategies, and reasoning.

We will be working on 3-D and 2-D shapes and their attributes.


This month, students will be focusing on many indicators in reading!

We will focus on literary text: poetry, sensory words and phrases.

We will focus on vocabulary: real-life connections, conjunctions to signal relationships.

We will work on words and phrases that suggest feelings and point of view. We will compare/contrast character's experiences.

In our vocabulary we will work on root words, word nuances, conjunctions to signal relationships.

In Junior Great Books, we will work on questions about key details, words and phrases that suggest feelings.

We will work on vocabulary: context clues, collaborative conversations, text features and word categories.

Narrative Text:

In poetry we will include details to describe events and participate in shared research.

We will use adjectives.

We will use common and proper nouns.

We will use details to describe events.

We will use beginning and ending punctuation.

Science/Social Studies

In April, our students will be able to:

focus on human wants, needs and natural resources.

We will learn about sources of devices that use electricity.

We will go into human actions that harm the environment.

In Social Studies , students will be able to understand about

Natural and human resources used to produce a good.

We will learn about goods and services in the community and

Skills needed for work.

We will learn about tools and products that affect the way people live.

Field Trips

No Field Trips at this time.  But listen for some upcoming news…

Learning Skills and Behavior

The first grade teachers would like to thank the families of our students for taking the time to discuss at home our classroom rules.

Each Marking Period, your child will be assessed on:

Completing tasks.

They will be able to follow rules.


Effort/Motivation/Persistence (academic success skill) means

Working diligently and applying effective strategies to achieve a goal

Or solve a problem. We will continue in the face of obstacles and competing pressures to solve a problem.


These Work Habit and Thinking and Academic Success Skills will be integrated into all subjects. We will provide explicit instruction on these skills and students will have many opportunities to demonstrate proficiency.

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