About Our School


Program Description

Longview School is co-located at Spark Matsunaga Elementary School. Longview School is a separate special education day school that provides comprehensive educational services in a center-based program to students 5 to 21 years of age with severe to profound intellectual and/or multiple disabilities. Longview students are often challenged with: expressive and receptive language delays, limited motor functioning, visual and/or hearing impairments, medical or physical problems or traumatic (acquired) brain injuries.


Longview School goals focus on:

  • Ensuring that students have access to the general education curriculum
  • Instructing students in the use of assistive technology and augmentative communication to help students communicate their wants and needs
  • Providing comprehensive educational programming that help students develop self-help skills, including eating, dressing, and toileting
  • Providing older students with vocational training, as appropriate, in a variety of natural settings. Middle and High school students participate in a variety of school based instructional work opportunities, out of school experiences offer supported employment
  • Ensuring that students have access to transition services as they move from school to the adult world

Elementary age students participate in a variety of experiences that include attending cultural arts assemblies and other school-wide events with typical students. Middle and High school students participate in school based instructional work opportunities. Vocational experiences are varied. They may include vocational experiences in school cafeteria and school offices. Out of school experiences offer supported employment.Students are also provided opportunities for interactions with typical same age peers through connections made through Kingsview Middle, Northwest, Quince Orchard, Poolesvilleand Clarksburg High Schools.


Our Mission 

Longview is a progressive, student-centered school where high expectations foster independence and self esteem in an atmosphere of teamwork and caring. 


Our Vision 

The staff at Longview School believes that all students can reach their maximum potential when:

  • There are clear standards and high expectations for academic performance 
  • Social and emotional growth is promoted through individual and group experiences 
  • The instructional program includes the use of teaching a variety of strategies and actively involves  students 
  • There is an environment that is safe, caring and positive. 
  • There is a united partnership of staff, parents and community committed to excellence in learning

Staff Core Values

Respect for Students: speak directly to students; maintain dignity; set high expectations; foster independence and self esteem; proximal and emotional closeness.   
Collegiality: Share expertise, materials and support; express, listen to and respect opinions.  
Dependability: Share commitment for learning; on time and punctual; knows and follows schedules and routines; support in crisis.


Longview History

Longview was originally built in 1950 in Gaithersburg, MD. It opened as one of the first all black schools in Montgomery County and was named the Emory Grove Consolidated Colored Elementary School. The renaming committee selected Longview to represent the “long” distance traveled by the students and the beautiful view seen from the school (Sugarloaf Mountain off in the distance). The school housed a general education population until 1961 when Longview became a special education school for children with disabilities. The original building is still in use and is now known as the Emory Grove Center. In 2001, Longview moved to its current site in Germantown, Maryland.


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