Mrs. Sarah C. Starr, Coordinator

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Mission Statement

Longview is a progressive, student-centered school where high expectations foster independence and self esteem in an atmosphere of teamwork and caring. 

Vision Statement

The staff at Longview School believes that all students can reach their maximum potential when:

  • There are clear standards and high expectations for academic performance 
  • Social and emotional growth is promoted through individual and group experiences 
  • The instructional program includes the use of teaching a variety of strategies and actively involves  students 
  • There is an environment that is safe, caring and positive. 
  • There is a united partnership of staff, parents and community committed to excellence in learning. 

Staff Core Values

Respect for students: speak directly to students; maintain dignity; set high expectations; foster independence and self esteem; proximal and emotional closeness.
Collegiality: Share expertise, materials and support; express, listen to and respect opinions.
Dependability: Share commitment for learning; on time and punctual; knows and follows schedules and routines; support in crisis.

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