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The Kingsview Middle School Counseling Department is committed to building relationships throughout the Kingsview Middle School community in order to:

  • Strengthen students’ skills that enhance their knowledge in the areas of social, emotional, academic and career growth.
  • Empower students to take the initiative in decisions involving their education, personal and academic goals.
  • Foster the development of self-management strategies through individual and group counseling services.


Meet the Department

Heather Cohen – Resource Counselor

Katie Mendelson – 6th Grade Counselor

Janet Moore – 7th Grade Counselor

Kelli Shelhorse – 8th Grade Counselor


Frequently Asked Questions


Academic Questions


How is class placement decided for my child?

The student’s teachers make recommendations for class placement based on the student’s grades, test scores and work habits. Questions about how a student is placed should be directed to the classroom teacher or department resource teacher.


If I have a question about a grade my child received on her/his report card, whom do I contact?

With any academic concern, you should always contact your child’s teacher first. The teacher is the one who knows your child the best and who will be able to answer questions.


How can I change my child's class schedule?

Schedule changes made during the school year are made for academic purposes. For other schedule concerns, contact your child's grade level counselor for assistance. Because of enrollment restrictions, schedule changes of electives are very limited.


How do I know what my child’s homework is?

All students have the KMS agenda book and are required by teachers to write homework assignments in their plan books. Check your child’s agenda book for homework. If your child does not have anything written down, ask her/him why! If this pattern persists, call the teacher and ask about your student’s homework pattern. In addition, teachers post homework assignments to Edline. 


Who do I contact if my child has concerns in a particular class?

KMS strongly recommends that you contact your child's teacher to resolve concerns or address issues in class. If you are having difficulty working with the teacher, for whatever reason, contact your child's grade level counselor for assistance.


What is the purpose of the “Parent-Teacher Team Meeting?”

A team meeting would be scheduled when your child is having difficulty in all her/his classes and discussion with all teachers is warranted for information sharing and problem solving. Team meetings can be scheduled through the grade-level counselor. Because of the limited amount of time available for team meetings, a team meeting should be scheduled after all avenues of contact have been exhausted.


What are alternatives to the team meeting if I wish to contact my student’s teachers in regards to her/his progress or to express my concerns?

Individual teachers will be happy to speak with you by phone or in person (with an appointment). You are welcome to contact your child’s counselor, but she will usually redirect your call to the teachers; therefore, the most direct route is to contact the individual teachers first.

Social-Emotional Questions


Do school counselors provide therapy?

Due to limitations and case-loads, school counselors only do short-term counseling. Students who need long-term interventions are referred to therapists in our community.

How is a student invited to a counseling group?

Students are invited to groups through self-referral, staff recommendation, and/or parent request. Counseling groups are run throughout the year and are designed to meet specific student needs. Groups usually meet once a week for 8 weeks.


My 6th grader is nervous about coming to middle school. She comes home every night distraught and overwhelmed. What should I do about this?

Be supportive and understanding. Many 6th graders experience stress as they make the transition to middle school. Do not feed into your child’s stress, but instead give your child time to adjust: usually within a month things settle down. If your child is still experiencing stress, please let her/his counselor know.


Other Questions


What is the best way to communicate with my child’s counselor?

All counselors can be easily reached by individual email or by phone at 301-601-4607.  If you would like to meet with your child’s counselor in person, please call or email to make an appointment so that we can be prepared to give you our full time and attention. 


What is the role of counselor in relation to parents and teachers?

The school counselor's job is to facilitate information and communication. The classroom teacher is always your primary resource regarding school work. However, the counselor participates in parent-teacher conferences, suggests interventions, and provides referrals to other community agencies.


How can my child receive Student Service Learning Hours? 

Cathy Hocker is the Student Service Coordinator at Kingsview Middle School. If you have any questions, she can be reached at 301-601-4607 or by email at   Please reference the SSL homepage for pre-approved agencies and opportunities for students to complete SSL hours.


What should I do when my child is absent from school? 

  1. Call the attendance secretary (301-601-4611), on the morning of the absence.
  2. The child must bring a note signed by her/his parent to the attendance secretary when returning to school. The note must contain:
  • student’s full name
  • date(s) of absence
  • reason for absence
  • parent’s signature
  • parent's phone number

How can I arrange to get work for my child when he/she is ill? 

If your child will miss 1 or 2 days of school, they can get the assignments from a homework buddy in class or may arrange to get the make-up work from their teachers. If your child is going to miss 3 or more days of school, please call Cathy Hocker in the Counseling Office (301-601-4607) and arrange for work to be collected. Please allow 24 hours for collection before pickup. If your student is absent for more than 5 days, please contact the grade level administrator.


Forms for Parents

New Student Information, MCPS Form 560-24

Student Emergency Information, MCPS Form 565-1

Shared Housing Disclosure, MCPS Form 335-74

Physical Examination Record, MCPS Form SR-6

Immunization Certificate, DHMH Form 896

Free and Reduced-Price Meals (FARMS) Application, MCPS Form 240-30

Change of School Assignment (COSA), MCPS Form 335-45








Counseling Links

 PrepTalk , a biannual newsletter, is a Montgomery County Public Schools and Montgomery College partnership project that provides helpful information for parents and students regarding college preparation and readiness. 


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