Big K Award

Kingsview “Big K” Awards

Earning a Kingsview Letter is a special honor.  All students have the opportunity to earn a Kingsview Letter and pins for their accomplishments, service, and extra-curricular participation during their years at Kingsview Middle School.  


Students begin earning points in sixth grade and accumulate points through eighth grade. Students earn points for academics, club participation, athletics, service, competitions, etc. The more involved a student is, the more points he or she accumulates toward earning a letter or pin.


It is the responsibility of the student to keep a record of his/her points throughout his/her Kingsview career, and points must be submitted in the school year in which they are earned.  Sponsors of each activity or club, must sign their specific activity.  Report Card Data is signed by the grade level counselor.      


Students with the following point totals receive special recognition: 200 Points = Kingsview Letter; 400 Points = Bar Pin; 600 Points = Star Pin; 800 Points = Torch Pin; 1000 Points = Panther Pin.



For this school year, the Big K Award Score Sheet can be downloaded from the “News” section on the Kingsview homepage. The final score sheet must be submitted to Mr. Brad MacKay, Resource PE/Arts teacher, no later than Friday, May 11th.

See Flyer for more details. 

Big K Scoresheet

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