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Nestled against a green hillside, Highland View Elementary School has been a neighborhood school since 1953 and was modernized in 1994. Our 52 faculty and staff members have a strong commitment to teaching our 350 students who come from diverse backgrounds and speak a variety of languages, such as Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Khmer, French, Rundi, Spanish, Swahili, Twi, and Wolof.

Our Highland View community actively participates in PTA activities and generously donates time to volunteer in our classrooms throughout the school year.

Highland View is one of four elementary schools that feed into Silver Spring International Middle School.

Our Mission

The mission of Highland View Elementary School is to prepare our students for success in a global society by promoting their academic, social, and emotional development.

  • We will set high expectations for teaching and learning.
  • We will create a safe and positive environment that encourages students to take risks in learning and solve problems both independently and collaboratively.
  • We will partner with families and the community to encourage student effort and to celebrate our diversity and accomplishments.
  • We will teach and model respect for ourselves, others, and our school community.

Our School Instructional Improvement Team

Mission: As the Instructional Improvement Team, it is our mission to provide the support and structures necessary to create an effective school learning community where decisions are made in the best interest of students' learning and achievement.

Parent Handbook

Feasibility Study

Highland View is growing. Projections indicate enrollment at High­land View Elementary School will exceed capacity by four classrooms or more by the end of the six-year period. An FY 2010 appropriation was approved for facility planning to determine the feasibility, scope, and cost for a classroom ad­dition. A date for the addition will be considered in a future CIP. Relocatable classrooms will be utilized until additional capacity can be added.

A team consisting of staff, parents, community members, members of MCPS Division of Construction and members of the MCPS Department of Facilities Management attended several meetings this spring with architects from Proffitt and Associates to discuss the scope and impact of the project, as well as options for the addition. (continued)

Our Staff

Administrative Staff

  • Principal: Galit Zolkower
  • Assistant Principal: Jaclynn B. Fowle
  • Administrative Secretary: Tina Errigo
  • Attendance Secretary: Monica Bridgewater

Classroom Teachers

  • Kindergarten: Andrea Pilgrim-Clayton, Melinda Higgins, Stephanie Seaman, Kelly Tappis
  • First Grade: Erin Crabtree, Marjorie Field, Mary Jo Stolte, Mercedes Gill, Stacy Justice
  • Second Grade: Elyse Michlewicz, Maureen Hudren, Shayna Newsman, Katherine McKenna
  • Third Grade: Megan Kennedy, Hanna Kim, Denise Fleet
  • Fourth Grade: Emily Anderson, Bridget Egan, Kristina Fierstein
  • Fifth Grade: David Gibson, Mariam Mutafian, Kimberly Stonerook
  • English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): Andrew Miele, Amy Ross, Katherine Twining
  • Staff Developer: Jackie Martins


  • Academic Intervention: Susan Mullaney, Kim Varos
  • Art: Margaret Gearin
  • Guidance Counselor: Janet Sluzenski
  • Media: Sarah Breslaw, Tanya Jackson (Media Assistant)
  • Music: Sherri Pfaff (General Music Director), MeLinda Ford (Instrumental Music Director)
  • Physical Education: Damian Grasso
  • Reading Specialist: Britt Waterfield
  • Resource: Priya Agarwal, Sydney Harper, Stephanie Ulakay
  • Speech: Sandy Rodas
  • Technology Support Specialist: Wilson Tsang
  • Therapists: Occupational Therapist: Bridget Smith
  • Parent Community Coordinator: Ana Nava

Instructional Support:

  • Paraeducators: Deborah Farkas, Larry Mandelbaum, Josue Penate
  • Paraeducators/Special Education: Arlene Gottlieb
  • Health: Nurse: Jeanette Peralta, Health Technician: Susan Atobe
  • Building Services: Leroy Hungerford (Manager), Rusty Hill (Night Leader), Jose Ayala, Ana Romero
  • Cafeteria Staff: Manager: Carolyn Lindon, Assistant: Chunhua Yao
  • Lunch Hour Aids: Deborah Farkas, Claudia Gonzalez, Arlene Gottlieb, Larry Mandelbaum, Celina Singh, TBD