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Gaithersburg Middle School Parent /Teacher Conference Feedback/ Comentarios de las Conferencias de Padres/ Maestros

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Teacher Conference Feedback survey        Encuesta de comentarios de la conferencia del maestro    

GMStrong Grant is providing GMS students with a free field trip on 11/22

6th grade students will visit the Natural History Museum - 6th grade permission form (in English & Spanish)

7th grade students will visit the Native American Museum - 7th grade permission form (in English & Spanish)

8th grade students will visit the American History Museum - 8th grade permission form (in English & Spanish)

Students should arrive to school as normal and they will arrive back at GMS in time to travel home as they usually do (normal school bus, car, walk, etc.)

Fill out the permission form for your child and return it to his/her 2nd period teacher.

myMCPS Parent Portal

The new MCPS Parent Portal is an online tool for communicating with students and parents. The myMCPS Parent Portal automatically uploads grades, attendance and school messages for viewing by students and parents. There is a mobile application and a desktop application. For information on how to set up an account and other questions you may have on the myMCPS Parent Portal, go to  http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/mymcps-classroom/ 

MCPS Strategic Plan

The FY 2018 Strategic Plan represents our continued commitment to the five core values that define what it means to be an exceptional school system: Learning, Relationships, Respect, Excellence and Equity. The plan's website features our focus areas, strategic objectives, and four new dynamic, data dashboards that represent how we are measuring this work.

MCPS Strategic Plan Website

MCPS Guides to Measures Supporting the Evidence of Learning Framework for Parents

These guides are provided as a resource to help parents/guardians understand the Evidence of Learning Framework and how readiness and successful transition are used as indicators of each student’s performance as he or she advances through the instructional levels.

Link to English Document

Link to Spanish Document

Opportunity to Purchase a Piano for your family

Please to inform you of an opportunity to purchase a piano for your family through Schaeffer's Piano Company in Rockville. If you are interested, read this letter for details.

Team of Stars Drama Club - meets after school on Tuesdays

Join the GMS Team of Stars Drama Club!  Mr. Cuff along with Ms. Berry from Team of Stars is going to sponsor the the Fall and Spring school plays. Come join the Drama Club on Tuesdays after school until 4:20pm in Mr. Cuff's room.  The first play will be on December 20 & 21. Learn more about it with this flyer.

French Immersion Trip to France

See what an exciting time GMS students had on the French Immersion Trip this fall through the posts & pictures at the 2017 GMS French Immersion Trip blog

Project Change Club - meets after school on Thursdays

Project Change is a club through our GMStrong grant that lets the students select, design and implement a community service project.  Students will earn Student Service Learning (SSL) hours for their participation.  Meetings are held on Thursdays after school until 4:20pm on September 28, October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 2, 16, 30.  If interested, fill out this flyer and have your child bring it with him/her to any Project Change Club meeting.    Project Change 2017 

Anaphylaxis & Opioid Awareness Letter to Parents

Please read this letter to parents and guardians about Anaphylaxis & Opioid Awareness from the principal in both English and Spanish.

2017 Mental Health Matters Assembly at Gaithersburg Middle School

Here is a video of the presentation.

Breaking My Heart

This video called “Breaking My Heart” was made by GMS students in the Project Change You Have the Power Club. It was designed to create awareness around using words to cause students pain. All GMS students watched the video on 2/13/17 in additional to listening to a town hall that reviewed behavior expectations.

PTA Meeting Presentation

Current 6th and 7th grade registration and articulation pathways in English or Spanish.  For more information, see Course Bulletin or contact your counselor.

Family Life Unit Now Opt-Out instead of Opt-In

A parent permission form is no longer required to take family life or disease prevention and control unit in 7th and 8th grade.  If you wish to opt your son or daughter out of this portion of the health curriculum, parents must return a signed form to the health teacher.   If the form is not returned it is assumed that the student will participate in both the family life and disease prevention and control unit. 

If you have any question about what is taught during these units, please refer to the link below and/or contact Katie Becker – Team Leader at Gaithersburg Middle School.