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Arts, Physical Education & Health Department

  • Mr. Antonios Kalargyros, Grade 6 Team Leader
  • Mr. Raymond Ritzau, Art
  • Mr. Salvador Rivera-Casiano, Chorus/General Music
  • Ms. Felicia Parson, Digital Art
  • Mrs. Deborah Layton, Instrumental Music
  • Ms. Stacey Brooks, Theater
  • Mr. James Moir, Content Specialist
  • Ms. Debra Haskins, P.E & Health Education
  • Ms. Jamie Ferrigno, P.E & Health Education
  • Mr. Jeremy Lott, P.E & Health Education
  • Mr. Daniel O'Connor, P.E & Health Education
  • Mr. Michael O'Reilly, P.E & Health Education


English Language Arts & Reading Department

  • Mrs. LaKresia Whittington, Content Specialist 
  • Ms. Elaine Elderkin, English Language Arts
  • Ms. Gerry Jangha, English Language Arts
  • Ms. Charann White, English Language Arts
  • Mrs. Melanie Wright, English Language Arts
  • Reading- Ms. Karen Robertson


World Languages & ESOL Department




Individuals and Societies Department



Mathematics Department


    Resource Teacher Mathematics- Marg Brennan
  • Mathematics- Ms. Sheri Griffin
  • Mathematics- Ms. Janis Key
  • Mathematics- Mr. Kevin Lorensen
  • Mathematics- Mr. Todd Mattis
  • Mathematics- Mr. Timothy Phelps
  • Mathematics- Mr. Cardell Williams
  • Mathematics- Ms. Rachel Sharlin
  • Mathematics- Mrs. Sarah Parlopiano
  • Mathematics- Mr. Neville Voglezon Jr

Science Department


    Resource Teacher Science- Mrs. Abby Hendrix
  • Science- Mrs. Kristine Menna
  • Science- Mr. Julian Bolton
  • Science- Mr. Scott Hanna
  • Science- Ms. Keianna Henry


Special Services Department


    Resource Teacher Special Services-
  • Special Services- Mrs. Teresa Dixon-Settles
  • Special Services- Ms. Constance Kinder  
  • Special Services- Mrs. Sarah Parlopiano
  • Special Services-Ms. Rachel Sharlin
  • Special Services-Mrs. Katrina Taylor
  • Special Services-Ms. Kimberly Williams
  • Special Services-Mrs. Sharon Zitomer  
  • Special Services- Ms. Johanna Imbesi
  • Special Services- Ms. Judith Northrup
  • Special Services- Mrs. Carol Sullivan
  • Special Services- Mrs. Rachel Bennett

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