Counselor's Corner

Hello Candlewood families and friends. My name is Anna Hetrick and it is a pleasure to be your counselor at Candlewood Elementary School! Those of you who are familiar with the role of school counselor, I hope this introduction serves as a refresher on how I can support your child’s education. For new parents, I hope to give you an overview of an elementary counselor and my contributions to Candlewood.

The Montgomery County School Counselor addresses four areas of your child’s education: Academic Achievement, Personal Development, Social Development and Career Development /Decision Making. These areas are addressed through the following ways:

-Classroom lessons - I visit each classroom on a monthly rotation to discuss topics such as respect, conflict resolution, decision-making, career exploration, feelings, friendship and self-esteem. All students participate in these lessons.

-Small group counseling -When students are exhibiting difficulty in a particular area, teachers or parents can refer a child for group counseling. Topics may include: Dealing with anger, self-esteem, stress management, friendship/social skills and divorce.

-Individual short-term counseling -At one time or another almost all students need some extra attention or support during their years at Candlewood. I see students for a variety of reasons including death in the family, changes in the home, conflicts with friends, difficulty with school work, self-esteem issues, anxiety, poor behavior choices etc. If I am seeing a student individually, I work closely with the parent and teacher to monitor progress. If the situation persists or requires long-term intervention, I will work with you to come up with a plan of action.

In addition to class lessons and counseling options, I serve as the coordinator for the following programs: Brown Bag Buddies mentoring program, Stop and Think Social Skills program, Gifted and Talented Liaison and Testing Coordinator, CAP Facilitator (Collaborative Action Process) and 504 plans.

I am here for all students and want to ensure that your child has a productive and positive school year. If I can support your child in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact me for the smallest concern or question. I am here to help!

I look forward to working with you.

Anna Hetrick, School Counselor
(301) 840-7167


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