Internet Resources

Internet resources are here to help you when researching using the World Wide Web. Remember to gather relevant information and to must evaluate your sources to determine accuracy and relevance of content.

Search Tools

Search Engines: “A program that searches documents for specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found.”

Search Directories: “In a search directory, people submit their sites, which are, in turn, reviewed by human editors. If the editor deems that the site is acceptable for inclusion based on a set of criteria, the editor adds it to the directory.”

Meta-search Engines: “Submit keywords and it transmits your search simultaneously to several individual search engines and their databases of web pages.”

Recommended Search Engines

Ask- Formerly Ask Jeeves and Teoma
Hotbot- Good advanced search features
Google Scholar- Google with an academic focus
Google Suggest- Google with keyword suggestion help
Wisenut- Try an advanced Wisesearch

Specialized Search Engines

Firstgov- Official portal for U.S. Government

Recommended Directories

IPL- Subject-grouped sites collected by Public Librarians
Infomine- Academic collection of scholarly links

Recommended Meta-Search Engines

Clusty - Results clustered by category
- Great searches - especially images
- Suggests alternate searches

Internet Searching Tips

Adjust your search strategy

Use a keyword rather than natural language searches.
Try variant forms and synonyms.
Put Boolean Operators (AND, OR) in all caps.
Put phrases in " ".
Use correct punctuation – especially apostrophes and hyphens.

Save time by evaluating the web site AS you gather the
information needed for your Works Cited page.

Name of Website
Specific page or article title
Date web page was last revised
Sponsoring organization
Web address
Date you read the Website

Internet Tutorials

Internet Searching Tools

Selecting the right search engine
University of South Carolina
Perdue OWL
University of Bristol

Evaluating Web Resources

University of California/Berkley
University of Maryland (checklist)
New Mexico State University Library
Cornell University
Widener University

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