Attendance Office


Ms. Corinne Emanuel
Office: 240-740-1385
Fax: 301-879-1323

Absence Note:

For your convenience we have provided a note to be used for attendance. Please feel free to print out copies and use them whenever the student is absent, tardy or leaving early. Note(s) should be turned into the attendance office and/or main office, if attendance is not available. Electronic Note

Attendance Office

The Agenda Book includes information regarding the Attendance Policy. This information can be found starting on page 14. If your student will not be at school, due to illness, etc., please contact Attendance Office. When the student returns to school, they are required to bring an Absent Note to the Attendance Office within 3 days of their return to Blake (see above electronic note). The Absent Note should include:

- Student Name
- Grade
- Reason for Absence
- Parent/Guardian daytime telephone number.

If the student does not submit an Absent Note within (3) days of returning to school, the Absence will be unexcused.

If a student is leaving school early, due to a doctor's appointment, etc., the student is responsible to submit a note for Early Dismissal to the Attendance Office before his/her first class in the morning to receive an Early Departure Pass. The student will leave class at the designated time given on the Early Departure Pass, sign out at the Attendance Office*, and meet Parent/Guardian in the front of the school. All Absent and Early Departure Notes will be verified.

*or sign out in the Main Office if the Attendance Office is closed.

College Visits

Juniors and Seniors: If you are planning on a college visit you must get your note into attendance at least 3 days in advance in order to be excused. Please make sure you check with attendance periodically to see how many days you have remaining.

Remember - If you don’t get your note into attendance BEFORE the college visit, you run the risk of an unexcused absence.

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