2014 Music

Ms. Cheryl Nance
Choral Music Teacher


Music Information


3rd Grade:

Hopefully you are appreciating and enjoying listening to the recorder your child has brought home.  It will certainly be an incredible journey as you witness them develop and begin to perform more complex music.  To aid in the process, Click Here and your child may practice the music we are working on.  This website, is particularly creative because of the accompaniment offered with Quick Time or Media Player. 

Additionally, you may print a hard copy of the music by opening the  Student Book.   


Music for Multicultural Night

Third grade will be performing 2 songs for Multicultural Night: Day-O and Aloha ‘Oe.  Day-O can be found on the website students have already been using, which is posted above.  Aloha ‘Oe is pictured below. Here is a link that will allow you to hear the arrangement:  (If you hover over the measure of music you would like to hear, a play button will appear so that you can hear the pitches).



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