Our School Garden

Our School Garden is flourishing! Many thanks to our Garden Team and volunteers over the summer who maintained and nourished our garden. The journey of our beautiful garden is captured here.

Green Team

The Ashburton Green Team strives to be an environmentally positive example for the Ashburton community. The Green Team works to promote appreciation of the environment, to cultivate and implement ideas to reduce waste, and to encourage students and staff to make choices that help reduce the carbon footprint of our school.


Ashburton has recycling bins for cans and bottles stationed throughout the school. The Green Team discovered that many people were putting trash, or “contaminates”, in these recycling bins. When there are contaminates in a recycling bin, the entire bin becomes trash – the cans and bottles from that bin can no longer be recycled.

To help build awareness of this problem, the Green Team Club began collecting weekly data on the number of recyclables and contaminates in the recycling bins throughout the school. Students analyzed the data and posted graphs to each bin to show how many recyclables and contaminates were found in specific bins. The Green Team found that some bins were much more likely to be contaminated than others. Recycling bins by the gym and the breezeway were two of the most contaminated bins, so Green Team students put up additional posters by these bins and moved trash cans directly next to the recycling bins.

The Green Team’s goal is to have zero contaminates in every recycling bin. If you see someone throwing trash in a recycling bin, please stop them and have them throw it in the trash can. If you don’t know if something is recyclable, please look at the poster above the bin. And remember: When in doubt, throw it out!

  • Click hereto explore the MCPS School Energy and Recycling Team (SERT) webpage.
  • Click here to see Ashburton SERT data.

green one
Green Team Club members collecting and sorting recycling vs. contaminates

green two
Recycling bin data

Earth Day

green three
Green Team Club members help construct an Earth Day tree. (Reusing cardboard and paper from Ashburton recycling bins, of course!)

green four
Ashburton Earth Day Tree 2011 – What will you do to help keep the Earth green?

green five
Green Team Club members help weed in the Ashburton courtyard garden.