We shine at Ashburton!

 Ashburton Elementary School 
I can’t believe how quickly my first year has gone by! It has been an amazing year and I have enjoyed getting to know all of you and all of our stellar students. The end of the school year is a busy time as we wrap-up the current year and also begin to prepare for the new school year.  I share your pride in the progress your children have made in school this year and it has been fantastic to see all of the growth in academics and stature for so many of our children.  

We have some very exciting news this spring- due to the lobbying efforts of many parents, the County Council has approved funding to reduce class size by one student. This new allocation of resources means that we will have an additional classroom teacher, who will be placed in grade two. The plan to reduce class size is part of the comprehensive plan by MCPS to address the needs of our students by reducing class-size in an effort to close the achievement gap and will make a difference at Ashburton.  In addition to the teacher allocation, the County Council has recognized and funded the needs of larger elementary schools by providing us with a half-time counselor position. Additionally, in terms of making some things more equal for large elementary school, we are going to get an additional MCPS provided large copier for the school. 

Ashburton will be a busy place this summer but not as usual with camps and summer school. There will be no summer programs, camps, or classes here due to a number of renovation and construction projects. The entire school is being painted, inside and out. Our fire alarm system is being updated throughout the building and an extensive HVAC project will be undertaken in the main office area. The office will be open, but we will be relocated within the building during part of the summer. There may be some time the staff is out at meetings so please call ahead prior to visiting the office this summer.   

Have a wonderful summer break with your children!


Greg Mullenholz

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