Parking Lot Procedures

Several years ago, in response to our concerns about safety and congestion in the parking lot, the school system sent a representative from the safety office to observe the traffic in the morning and afternoon. The individual determined the congestion and problems were caused by drivers not following the designated procedures. As the school year begins, we would like to outline those procedures for any parents who may not be familiar with them. It is important for parents to share these guidelines with grandparents or others who may pick their children up after school.

Because our parking lot is so small, parents are encouraged to use the bus service for their children where it is available to alleviate congestion in the parking lot. Additionally, parents are encouraged to have their children walk to school, if they believe that it is safe to do so and the child or children are sufficiently responsible.

Private cars are permitted in the parking lot at all hours. Parents may use the parking lot “Kiss and Drop” to drop off and pick up their children before and after school.

Parents who drive into the parking lot to drop off their children in the morning should follow the line of vehicles and allow their children to exit the right side of the vehicle at the “Kiss and Drop” area. The children should get out promptly, and the parents should proceed out of the parking lot. At dismissal, students who are being picked up by parents will be dismissed to wait at the “Kiss and Drop” point.

Drivers must remain in their vehicles in the “Kiss and Drop” area. Parents who wish to walk their children to the line-up areas or meet their children at the school doors in the afternoon must park their cars in parking spaces either in the parking lot or on the street. Under no circumstances should a parent or driver park and leave their vehicle in the “Kiss and Drop” area. (The license number of cars parked illegally at the curb will be given to our school police officer.)

Students arriving by car each day should plan to arrive at school no later than 8:45 a.m. If the line of cars into the parking lot is long, parents should let their children out on Wadsworth Drive or park their vehicles and walk their children to school on the sidewalk.

If parents come to school for a conference with a teacher or on other business, they should park in a parking space in the lot or on Wadsworth Drive.


While all of us have busy lives and have many demands on our time, it is important that we model appropriate behavior for all children by displaying courtesy and adhering to the standards of safety in the parking lot.

Each morning and afternoon, staff members will monitor students in getting on and off the buses, ensuring that students line up in appropriate areas and conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. Wyngate Safety Patrols will also be assigned to specific areas to help and remind students of good safety practices.

We will continue to have a crossing guard in front of the school on a regular basis. From time to time there may not be a crossing guard at Wilmett and Wadsworth. The county has too few crossing guards, and when a guard is absent from a high traffic crossing, the police department must “pull“ a crossing guard from another location, such as Wilmett and Wadsworth. This should be only an occasional occurrence.