School Supplies for 2019- 2020 School Year

  School Supplies 2019- 2020

The following items would be appreciated by grade level teams, but are not required.

Grade 1

  • Ziploc bags (quart and gallon sized);
  • liquid hand soap;
  • paper towels;
  • disinfecting wipes

Grade 2

  • Kleenex tissues,
  • hand soap,
  • ziplock bags (large and small);
  • disinfectant wipes
  • -a mouse or wireless mouse
  • - headphones or ear buds

Grade 3

  • - Kleenex tissues,
  • hand sanitizer,
  • disinfectant wipes,
  • paper towels,
  • Ziplock bags (small or large)
  • - a mouse or wireless mouse
  • - headphones or earbuds

Grade 4

The list of required school supply items for fourth grade is intentionally short. The teaching team provides the majority of supplies (e.g., notebooks, folders) for the students. The team did not request additional classroom supplies.

Grade 5

  • tissues,
  • hand sanitizer,
  • Clorox wipes,
  • sandwich size ziploc bags,
  • and 1 gallon ziplock bags;
  • computer mouse


  • Kleenex tissues,
  • hand sanitizer,
  • disinfecting wipes;
  • glue sticks

Note: The kindergarten team suggests that basic materials (pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue sticks) are available at home for optional enrichment activities. These should not be sent to school.