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News and Announcements

SIPPI/GT Identification Process Update

Click here to read about the updates for GT identification process in Grade 2 and some Grade 3 & Grade 5 students.

MCPS Elementary Summer Reads

 Just because summer here doesn't mean you stop reading! Click here to find two resources that can guide you through online ebooks and resources you can use this summer.

Class of 2020 Virtual Promotion

Click here for the link to view this year's 5th Grade Class of 2020 Virtual Promotion.

New Student Registration

We have now moved to enrolling new students and accepting required enrollment documents online in order to register students during the emergency closure of schools. Please see directions in this link for your family’s situation. 

Online Resources

MCPS and Wilson Wims have purchased many online resources for student use. In order to access this document, you need to be logged into your Google account. Remember to add after your student ID.

Bus & Transportation Information

Click here for most updated bus schedules and traffic flow map during 2019-2020 school year.

Wilson Wims Wire

Click here to see all the issues of the Wilson Wims Wire for the school year.

Information from the Health Room

What are the signs of illness? When do I keep my child(ren) home from school? What is head lice? How do I know if we have it? All these important questions and more are answered on this page. Click here to access documents that contain this information.

Online School Payments (OSP)

You can now pay for school fees online using your credit card! Click here to find out how.