Science 7 - Unit 4 - Biological Evolution and the Reasons for Extinction

  1. Pick an extinct animal and learn about it
  2. Fill in a Student Design Folio (information about extinctions, your animal, your design for an exhibit about your animal)
  3. Create a presentation about your animal  

Extinct Animal Research Center

 Baiji White Dolphin  
 Caribbean Monk Seal


 Caspian Tiger  
 Cave Lion
 Canis dirus  
 Dire Wolf



 Golden Toad
GREAT AUK (ALKA IMPENNIS): - lithograph, 1858, after John...   


 Great Auk  
 Irish Deer or Elk

    A modern artist's rendition of the coastal moa (Euryapteryx curtus). Image by: Michael B. H.   

 Moa Bird


 Passenger Pigeon 

 Pyrenean Ibex
Sabre-Tooth Cat
 Sabre-toothed Tiger, Smilodon  
Steller's Sea-Cow (Hydrodamalis gigas/Rhytina gigas),...


 Stellers Sea Cow
Tasmanian tiger


 Tasmanian Tiger or Thylacine
Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur
  Tyrannosauros Rex
Black Rhino Mother and Calf


West African Black Rhinoceros
Illustration of Woolly Mammoth


  Woolly Mammoth
More Pictures 
Picture Credits:
  • Most Pictures from Britannica Image Quest 
  • Golden Toad: Britannica Middle School
  • Caspian Tiger:
  • Moa Bird: Coastal Moa by Michael B. H./Creative Commons 3.0 
  • Stegasaurus: Britannica Middle School 

Information about Extinction Events in History

Information about your animal needed to complete your Design Folio

  • Identification of species common name and/or scientific name
  • Description of when organism lived in Earth’s history and the environmental conditions of the time 
  • Description of evolutionary relationships to organisms living today (including anatomical and/or embryological similarities)
  • Description of adaptations organism had that allowed it to survive in past environment
  • Representation of fossil or remains (picture, diagram, drawing)
  • Description of type of fossils or remains found
  • Identification of what caused extinction
  • Explanation of why organism was unable to survive extinction event



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