8th Grade Research Projects





 Personal Accounts from the Past

 End of the Civil War (Death of President Lincoln)1860's  

Dust Bowl & Depression 1930's  

Japanese Internment 1940's



  House Design:  House Design Links  

 Future Newspaper Front Page
Tectonic Plates
Sun Processes
Another Earth
  • University of Puerto Rico - Habitable Worlds
    Lists potentially habitable worlds. Basic Data table for each. Lots of news & Links.
  • Open Exoplanet Catalog,  MIT  Basic data, including habitable zone.  Nice visuals. Adjust "options" at the top, then use arrows to sort by name. Scroll to your planet.
  • Nasa:  Kepler planets Data on kepler planets only.  All basic information. Good graphics and animations.
  • Nasa PlanetQuest This is the exoplanet archive “for the public”.  More accessible information on all exoplanets and their stars.
  • Stellar Types To see what color your star is
  • Use Google to find news items on your planet




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