Civil Rights Research

Listed below are several resources for Civil Rights research.  To access from home, some of these need logons and passwords.  These can be found on the back of student booklogs, in the Media Center, and in Edline (media center page, online resources).

** Spotlight on Black History , 21st Century Explorer - Biographies, Places, Events, Images, Video. Well Organized. 

History Resource Center - Search for a person, topic or time frame in this database. This source includes reference articles, information from periodicals as well as primary source documents.  Look under Topics for African American Perspective.

Student Resource Center -Reference, periodicals, primary source documents and mulitmedia.  Look under topics for Civil Rights.

Primary Source Newspaper Articles  

Proquest Historical Newspapers - You can search this database by keyword or topic.  If you click on the topic search tab, you will see a whole section about Civil Rights. 

Encyclopedias:  Search Alphabetically for people, places & events

Encyclopedia Britannica 

Just Pictures  

 Image Quest - Amazing database for images.



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