Challenges and Barriers

For this project, you will be researching a topic that can be a challenge or barrier for students.  Listed below are some resources you can use to answer your research questions. You will need to record the information on the sources you use on Noodletools.  When you find an article that is useful, fill in the noodletools information before you start taking notes.

Noodletools - You will need to log in and create a new list.  Your login is your computer number and your password is wildcats.

Subscription Databases: Each of the sources listed below are subscription databases.  When you are in noodletools, select the type of resource (magazine article, newspaper article, reference,etc...), then select online, then select Subscription Database.  When you type in the name of the database, Noodletools will automatically fill in some information for you.

Sirs Discoverer - Type in your search term in the box.  On the results page, you can read a quick summary about each article to help you decide if it will be useful to you or not.

Student Resource Center Junior - Click "Proceed" then click "Student Resource Center Junior"  Use the search box to enter your search term. On the result screen, use the tabs to select the type of source you want to use.  You will probably find the most useful information in the magazine articles.

Newsbank Kids Page - Click on Newsbank Kids Page on the top of the page.  Enter in your search term in the search box.


Websites: Listed below are websites about each of the topics. 


Peer Pressure

Stop Bullying Now                  Dealing with Peer Pressure              
Dealing With Bullying  Beating Peer Pressure 
Youth Violence Prevention-Bullying  The Cool Spot- Peer Pressure 
Bullying: Children and Teens  Peer Pressure 


Sibling Rivalry

A Kid's Guide to Divorce  Kids Health: Sibling Rivalry 
Children of Divorce  PBS Kids - Sibling Rivalry 
Children and Divorce  Handling Sibling Rivalry 
PBS Kids - Divorce  Sibling Rivalry 


Self Esteem

WebMD-Depression  Kids Health - Self Esteem 
Kids Health- Depression  Child Development Institute 
National Institute of Mental Health  Building Self Esteem 
National Institute of Health  Mayo Clinic - self esteem 


Child Abuse

PBS Kids - Dealing With Death  Keep Kids Healthy 
Family Guide - Dealing with Death  Child Abuse and Neglect 
Helping Children Understand Death  National Institute of Health 
Kids Health  Kids Health 
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