6th Grade Ancient Egypt Project 
Mrs. Bradfield and Mr. Garner

For your project you need to use a book and an online resource.  Books are provided by the Media Center (some may be on a cart in your classroom).  This page gives links to online databases and websites.  Please select your online resources from the list below. 

Fill in your paper citation information sheets.  You can use this data to create a bibliography using Noodletools

Online Databases:

(usernames and passwords for use from home are on your resources sheet)


These websites are divided up based on the Wheel of Civilization categories.  Find your section from the wheel and explore the websites within that category. At the bottom of the list are general websites that can be used for multiple categories.


Social System 

Political System 

 Economic System 

Human Geographic Characteristics 

Science and Technology 

Human Expression 

Physical Geographic Characteristics 

General Egypt Websites 


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