Web Site Evaluation

  Website Evaluation

  • WebEval_Worksheet.pdf - print out and write on it
  • WebEval_Worksheet.docopen, make a copy and type in it 

  • Think about the 5 W's as you do your research
  • Who, What, Where, Why, When
  • A really good website for research has 5 stars  
  • A four star site with no date can still be good if your topic is not date critical

     Save the URL (web address) of any website you take notes from

     That way you can go back, verify and create citations

      Information Needed for a Citation (use NoodleTools!)
  • Web Page/Article title
  • Web Site Title
  • Author (if there is one)
  • Publisher/Responsible Organization (may be the same as the web site title)
  • Date of e-publication, Date of Access
  • URL  (web address)





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