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Physical Education Expectations


  • Privacy
  • Language
  • Follow Directions
  • Observe personal space
  • Listen to adult
  • Show good sportsmanship


  • Move under control---be aware of the space around you
  • Use equipment for its intended purpose
  • Personal items in appropriate location
  • Food and drink should be eaten in the cafeteria
  • Lock your locker
  • Wear appropriate clothes
  • All clothing should be clearly marked on the outside
  • Keep personal items, including jewelry, in your locker
  • Participate actively
  • Stay in designated area
  • Report problems, incidents, vandalism
  • Report injuries
  • Enter the gymnasium/designated area orderly and sit in your squad
  • Behave without horseplay


  • Report on time
  • Be prepared
  • Tennis shoes are required, along with shorts and shirts.
  • Obey fire drill procedure
  • Wear your own clothing


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