As the school counselors it is our privilege to help support the social, emotional and academic growth of students. We also serve as a resource for families on a variety of issues. As the counselor we work with students and staff and families in a variety of ways.

Classroom Guidance: We visit each classroom to teach lessons about such topics as friendship, feelings, goal setting, bullying, conflict resolution, career awareness and study skills.

 Individual/Small Group Counseling: We meet with individual and small groups of students on an as needed basis to address academic, social or emotional issues. This may involve assistance with organizational skills, friendship issues, loss, conflict resolution, self-esteem or personal concerns.

Responsive Counseling: We address immediate needs of children or families who may be experiencing a particular crisis. We will conference with parents and also serve as a resource for programs in the community.

Lunch Bunch: We meet with students during their lunch or recess time.  This is an informal opportunity for students to get together with us and other students to visit and interact.  Developing relationships is an important part of encouraging student success and preventing problems.

School Support:  I am a member of the School Leadership Team and School Committee. I am often involved in Educational Management Team Meetings (EMTS), 504 Meetings, IEP Meetings and parent conferences.

Family Support: We work with outside agencies to coordinate and provide services for our students and their families.  These include such things as the Smart Sack Program and Holiday Giving Program.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, We look forward to working with your children and you this year!

Susan Yore & Katelin Webb

(301) 840-7181





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