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today: Tuesday, April 7

Get ready for one of nature's best shows: the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year!

Supermoons happen when the moon is within 90% of perigee (its closest approach to Earth in orbit).
The moon will appear brighter and bigger in the night sky, and hopefully no clouds and bad weather will obscure the view.
April's full moon, also known as the pink moon, happens to be the closest of the year.
People around the world should be able to see the supermoon at its best around
10:35 pm ET to midnight tonight and even into the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Watch the Pink Supermoon live online here!
Courtesy of the Virtual Telescope Project in Italy, you can watch the Supermoon from home in the video player above.
You can tune in to the free broadcast without breaking the rules of the Coronavirus lockdown.
The live stream will follow the Supermoon as it flies over the historic skyline of Italy's capital city of Rome and lucky for us, 
that means we get to watch starting at 1:30 PM EST!

Feel free to email me your "reviews" of the show to Maria.L.McClure@mcpsmd.net

Enjoy the show!