Reading Night 2017

         reading night       reading night 2

readign night 4 reading night 7 reading night 6

  reading night 10 reading night 3 reading night 8

 reading night 9 reading night 5reading night 11



Math Night 2017

 Math Night Math Night1 Math Night2

       Math Night3Math Night4

       Math Night5 Math Night6

 Math Night7 Math Night8 Math Night9

Math Night10 Math Night11 Math Night15

 Math Night16 Math Night17 Math Night18

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 Math Night21 Math Night22 Math Night23

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      Math Night30 Math Night31  



Daddy-Daughter Breakfast & Dudes, Donuts and District 4

 Daddy-Daughter Breakfast


 Daddy-Daughter Breakfast/ Dudes and Donuts         Daddy-Daughter Breakfast/ Dudes and Donuts 2


 Daddy-Daughter Breakfast 2       Daddy-Daughter Breakfast 3


     Daddy-Daughter Breakfast 4

Fall Luau

  Fall Luau    Fall Luau 1    Luau 5

 Fall Luau 3   Fall Luau 2

Dad's "Take Your Child to School Day"

       Dad day   Dad day 1    

  Dad day 2   Dad day 4   Dad day 3