Internship Program

"Human beings are active learners.  We learn by doing, by interacting with others, by experiencing life at first hand, not solely conceptually and through abstractions."

Samual Halperin, Co-Director, American Youth Policy Forum

What is an internship?

A student internship is a paid or unpaid career-focused experience during which a young person becomes directly involved for a defined period of time in business, government, industry, research, or social service.

This Experience...

  • complements the student's career goals and is managed under supervision
  • is an opportunity for a student to attain first-hand knowledge about a career or field of study provides an opportunity for a student to apply skills obtained in school to real work experiences while learning additional skills associated with the workplace.
  • allows students to experience options they may not have considered and make thoughtful decisions about continued education or full-time work

Thousands of interns have received experience in numerous fields, and their evaluations of the experience have been overwhelmingly positive.

What are the internships' goals?

Career development in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) strives to link school activities with workplace experiences. Internships enable students to...

  • identify a career cluster of interest to them
  • observe and participate in activities connected with a career cluster
  • describe the requirements and characteristics of selected careers
  • experience a range of choices and opportunities within a career area
  • determine whether a career is compatible with their interests, value, skills, and aptitudes
  • apply academic learning to practical situations
  • apply out-of-school experience to classroom activities
  • set priorities, plan use of time, and adhere to a schedule
  • develop effective interpersonal skills
  • develop important work habits such as promptness, reliability, and accuracy
  • develop lifelong learning habits
  • make the transition from school to post-secondary education and career
  • develop working relations with adults

Each on-site supervisor and the intern coordinator jointly develop student goals and assessment measures related to the specific internship.

Eagle Intern Educorp Program

The Eagle Intern Educorp program is an opportunity for students to have a single period internship as an instructional assistant to a teacher in a classroom.  They can work one-on-one with a student, work with small groups, help students catch up after being absent, run warm-ups.  If the student wants to, s/he can teach partial or entire lessons. Eagle Intern Educorp Program is an outstanding experience for students interested in a teaching career as well as well as for students who would like to help make a difference for other students.

Montgomery County Circuit Court Internships

The Montgomery County Circuit Court offers unpaid internships for students of high school and college age, with opportunities available during the summer and/or the school year. Student Service Learning (SSL) hours can be earned, if applicable. For more information, visit

Mentor an Intern

The Seneca Valley High School internship program is always looking for wonderful mentors for our interns. If your business or workplace would like to mentor an intern OR get more information about our Internship Program, please e-mail the Internship Coordinator, Mr. Darren Black or call 301-353-8038.

Why Mentor an Intern?

Impact a young person’s life by sharing your passion for your career field; motivate and stimulate interest in your career to build tomorrow’s workforce in your field; help develop the soft skills in an intern that only real experience can teach young workers; build skill sets for your specific career in your intern; infuse your workplace with enthusiasm and curiosity that only a teenager can provide; know you are making a difference.

We have specific needs for mentors in medicine, engineering, biotech, the arts, and accounting but always welcome new mentors in ALL fields! Thank you so much for your potential interest and participation in our program.