MCPS is launching the third year of its student contest, United We Learn. This year’s contest, United We Learn: Schools of the Future, allows students to design their ideal learning space and challenges them to think critically about how their physical environment affects their ability to learn.

The contest follows a November 2018 survey that asked students and staff about how they use learning spaces at their schools, and what they would like classrooms and schools to look like in the future. Recurring elements mentioned in the survey feedback included considerations regarding color, lighting, furniture, technology and security. That feedback will be used to support the continuous improvement of our educational facilities. The contest tasks students to consider these same elements as they design their vision of what an ideal learning space might look like in the future. By participating in this contest, students may also have the ability to help influence future design.

All entries must be submitted via the online submission form by 5 p.m. on March 15, 2019.

More details are available on the contest website.

Watch this video for more information.