The Girls in Technology (GIT) program provides high-school girls with an opportunity to meet and be mentored by women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-related fields. There is no charge for this professionally-developed and fully-funded program that is currently enrolling protégés for the Maryland location at Johns Hopkins University at Shady Grove, Rockville.
The program is comprised of five evening sessions where girls hear from professional women, learn about their careers and then participate in a group mentoring session. The sponsors believe it is important for girls to see and talk with successful women in STEM-related fields to understand what kinds of opportunities they may have and to help increase their self-confidence in pursuing these careers that are underrepresented by women.
The GIT Maryland 2018-2019 program will be held in Rockville (Shady Grove) at The Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County campus 6:00 – 8:30 pm on the following dates:
Orientation and Session 1:  October 16
Session 2:  November 27
No Session December
Session 3:  January 8
Session 4:  February 19
Session 5:  March 19
Link to Online Application:  GIT Mentor-Protégé Program
After the program is concluded, girls are eligible to compete for scholarship awards and STEM experiences by writing an essay about their experience.