College/Career Research and Development

Career Exploration

College/Career Research and Development (CCRD) is a two-year career pathway program that prepares students with academic, technical, and workplace skills necessary to seek further education and employment in a career field of their interest upon graduating from high school. The program contains two in-school courses, a portfolio development project, and a site-based learning experience.

The CCRD program of study satisfies the career development graduation requirement upon the completion of the three-part sequence. Students who complete the program will master the high school Core Learning Goals (Learning, Thinking, Communication, Technology, and Interpersonal) as stated in the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Maryland School performance Programs Skills for Success. 

Requirements for Program Completion 

1.0 Credits from Group A + 1.0 Credits from Group B + 2.0 Credits from Group C 

Foundation courses that provide core knowledge and skills needed for the Program of Study. 

Code #            Name             Credit 
8092      College/Career A       0.5
8093      College/Career B       0.5  

Courses that extend academic, technical and workplace skills to be successful in the Program of Study.              

Code #             Name             Credit
8065      Career Seminar A       0.5
8066      Career Seminar B       0.5

Capstone courses or work-based learning opportunities (e.g. internship, clinical experience, or a college course).

Code #               Name                 Credit
5441      Site Work Exp DB A          1.0
5442      Site Work Exp DB B          1.0


Opportunities for Local Organizations

Does your workplace have a part-time job opening?

Students in the College/Career Research Development program need to work a minimum of 8 hours per week and at least one shift during school hours. The work based learning experience integrates classroom instruction with structured and supervised work site experiences. Students who interact with adults in a work environment acquire the skills and knowledge needed for a productive future.

If your business or workplace has a part-time opportunity or you would like more information about our College/Career Research Development program, please contact Ms. Jean Nodine, CCRD Teacher, 301-353-8035.