In accordance with the rules and regulations of MCPS, the principal may suspend a student for cause for one and not more than ten days.

  • The student will be given notice of the reasons for suspension, an explanation of the evidence and an opportunity to present his/her side of the story.
  • Students who are suspended from school may not participate in any school-sponsored activities and are not permitted on MCPS school grounds during the period of the suspension.
  • The suspension usually ends the morning after the last day of suspension.
  • Students who are on an approved school work program may not work during the time of suspension.
  • The absences during a suspension are usually considered excused unless coded otherwise by the principal. Students are expected to make up their work.
  • The student and/or parent has the right to appeal the suspension.
  • The principal may request an extension of a ten day suspension from the area Special Services supervisor.

Reverse Suspension

Students receiving a reverse suspension will “attend school” during a period of time when other students are not in attendance (e.g., winter break, spring break, end of year). Special arrangements will be made with the student’s parent and will be used only in special situations as feasible.