Hello Bayard Rustin Families!

I am beyond excited to be the first ever Bayard Rustin Elementary School Counselor! I am here for ALL students and want to ensure that your child has a positive school year.  If I can support your family or your child in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am here to help...and want to help.

The Montgomery County School Counselor addresses four areas of your child’s
education: Academic Achievement, Personal Development, Social Development and
Career Development /Decision Making.


At BRES we address these areas through the following ways:

Whole Class Lessons

Each homeroom class (grades k-5) will have at least six counselings lessons this year. These proactive lessons are a way for me to work with all students, get to know your child and
for each grade level to receive a consistent message on a targeted social/emotional topic.

This year students will receive the following lessons:

September: Introduction on who I am, how I can support each student and how to find me

October-Bullying awareness

November- MCPS Mandated Personal Body Safety Lessons


February/March-Career exploration

May-Positive coping strategies and handling difficult emotions

School Wide Campaigns

BRES students will participate in three interactive social/emotional campaigns this year. Each campaign has a grade level lesson, morning announcements, contests, dress up days, school wide decorations and lunch/recess time optional activities.

This year we will focus on:

Bully Prevention (October)

Kindness (January)

Children’s Mental Health Matters (May)

Small Group Counseling

When students are exhibiting difficulty in a particular area, staff or parents can refer a child for group counseling. Topics may include; dealing with anger, self-esteem, stress management, friendship/social skills or divorce. Traditional counselings groups meet once a week for 6-8 weeks for 30-40 minutes during the school day. If many students are interested in a particular topic, I will hold a mini workshop during lunch/recess so many students can attend. The mini workshops would be appropriate for topics such as; mindfulness, healthy friendships, goal setting and practicing gratitude.

Individual Short-Term Counseling

At one time or another almost all students need some extra attention or support during their years in elementary school. I see students for a variety of reasons including; changes in the home, conflicts with friends, difficulty with school work, self-esteem issues, anxiety, making positive choices, death in the family and sometimes just because they are having a lousy day. These drop-ins or infrequent visits are considered a typical part of the school day. However, if I am seeing a student individually on a regular basis, I work closely with the parent and teacher to monitor progress. If the situation persists or requires long-term intervention, I will support you to come up with a plan of action.

Lunch Bunches

Lunch bunches are a way for me to meet student who are new to BRES, connect with students who are having social difficulties, mediate conflicts between peers, and sometimes just to have fun!

Mentoring Program

Our mentoring programs pair students who may benefit from some extra attention and/or academic support with an adult mentor. We have an in-house mentoring program with our BRES staff as well as a partnership with the City of Rockville for an after school mentoring program. You may request for your child to have a mentor or we may invite them to join the program.

Additional supports:

Section 504 Coordinator

IEP Team Member

Behavioral interventions/strategist

Coordinate with county agencies for mental health support, financial assistance, crisis management, etc…

Middle School Magnet Coordinator

Restorative Justice

The Giving Square Liaison (philanthropy project for students)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or want to hear more about how I can support your child at school. I look forward to working with the BRES community!


Heather Sobieralski

School Counselor

(240) 740-4320