We would like to introduce you to our Rosemary Hills Health Room Staff.

Janet Rotimi

Email: || 301-920-9960 

Vanessa Copelin, Health Technician

Email: || 301-920-9960 

Emergency Information

Please provide the main office with current phone numbers and emergency contact persons or guardians. Include all cell phone numnbers, work numbers, and/or email addresses. In addition, please inform the health room of any health conditions, medications, or communicable diseases as they occur so we may be able to address your child's needs.


  • Please email your child's classroom teacher and the attendance secretary to let us know when your child is absent due to illness. 
  • For an absence of more than 3 days due to illness, please provide a doctor's note.
  • Notify the main office or the school health technician if your child has a contagious condition that we should be aware of.
  • Students returning to school after treatment for lice will be checked by the health room before returning to class.

 Health Forms

Additional MCPS Health Forms

When To Keep Your Child Home from School

Please be alert to your child's health and use your best judgement as to when to send him/her to school. It is in your child's best interest,a s well as that of the other children and staff members, to keep your child home if they are not well. We do recommend that they stay home for 24 hours after vomiting or the last evidence of a fever without medicine.