Transition to Kindergarten

Preparing for kindergarten is an exciting time! We often get questions from parents/caregivers about what they can do to help their student get ready for kindergarten. Here are some suggestions from our Kindergarten team.

Students should work on independent self-help skills, such as:

  • Putting on their jackets, buttoning and zipping
  • Carrying their own backpack and lunch box
  • Packing and unpacking their backpack
  • Using the bathroom without assistance
  • Managing food containers and water bottles
  • Following multi-step directions
  • Tying shoes/shoelaces
  • Blowing nose
  • Properly washing their hands with soap and water

Work on social development, such as:

  • Taking turns
  • Playing with others
  • Sharing
  • Problem solving
  • Speaking up and advocating for self