RHS Yearbook

Student Recognition AD information is available here . All ADs are due by 2/15/19

Yearbook Prices 

- September 1st - September 21st: $80 

- September 22nd - November 30th: $85

- December 1st - February 15th:  $90

- February 16th - End of Year: $95 

Students can pay online by clicking here

Students can also purchase a yearbook with cash or check (made out to Rockville High School) by bringing the correct amount to Ms. McKim in RM 2067. 

Special Offer: Until September 21st, students can pay for their yearbook through a payment plan. Students must pay $20 per quarter. Check or cash should be brought to Ms. McKim at the beginning of each quarter.  

Yearbook Business Ads and Senior Recognition Ads can be purchased by clicking here.