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2019-2020 Drama Season 

 Fall Show: The Panic Broadcast of 1938 

 In this comedy based on the events of the famous Orson Welles War of the Worlds radio broadcast, it is the evening of the broadcast and nothing is happening in the quiet and sleepy town of Misty Valley. Best friends Margie and June are waiting in the local park for June's boyfriend Andy to get off work while Margie shares her dream of leaving Misty Valley for a life of adventure elsewhere. Then two strangers from a circus train appear and Margie takes a liking to the one named Tom. Immediately Margie sees a way to leave Misty Valley. But then the world turns upside down. Martians have invaded and Misty Valley is caught in the middle of a war of the worlds. (summary by Samuel French)
  • Friday, Nov. 15th at 7pm 
  • Saturday, Nov. 16th at 7pm  
  • Friday, Nov. 22nd at 7pm  (ASL Interpreted) 
  • Saturday, Nov. 23rd at 7pm 
Tickets Available at the door: Students $5, Adults $10

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