Student Service Learning (SSL)

SSL Coordinator: Crissy Shevchenko -


Please accept the SSL course invitation for mymcps classroom.  You will find updated announcements of ssl opportunities, links to organizations, forms, how to submit them, and so much more.

If you need Mrs. Shevchenko to add you to the class roster or resend the invitation,  please contact her

MCPS SSL Web site -- downloadable forms, requirements, volunteer opportunities, etc.
SSL is a graduation requirement in the state of Maryland.

All organizations and opportunities for which SSL hours are desired must be preapproved. Check the list of MCPS approved organizations at the website If the student is interested in an activity that is not already preapproved and the activity does meet the criteria for Student Service Learning, the Individual Student Service Learning Request form should be completed and turned in to the SSL Coordinator. The student should wait for approval by the SSL Coordinator BEFORE completing the activity.

Students should document approved SSL activities by completing the Student Service Learning Activity Verification form. Forms MUST be turned in to the SSL coordinator by the deadline stated above. SSL hours turned in after the deadline cannot be accepted.

Students should keep a copy of all SSL documents before turning them in to the school.

The Superintendent’s SSL Award recognizes students who meet the SSL graduation requirement while in middle school.

The Certificate of Meritorious Service recognizes graduating seniors who have documented 260 or more hours of service.