Mission Statement

The Rock Terrace Community will provide authentic and safe learning opportunities for students to think critically, problem solve, and effectively communicate to become independent citizens.

Vision Statement  


Our vision at Rock Terrace is to have a 21st Century culture that promotes high academic achievement, safety, and a collaborative learning environment that prepares students to become college, career, and community ready.

Culinary Arts


In the Culinary Arts class, students learn first, and then are given the opportunity to practice kitchen safety, organization, health and sanitation standards. Nutrition, recipe selection, food preparation for commercial versus family purposes, customer service, restaurant management, and service skills are other subjects they are taught as well as practice.


Students prepare meals and plates for commercial catering as well as breakfast and lunch for the schools "Terrace Bistro" restaurant. These skills are necessary for future vocational opportunities and are essential fundamental life skills.


Download our catering menu to select from a wide variety of deserts, platters, or dinners.  Please send us a message if you would like more information on ordering platters or lunch entrees. Visit our catering department here.


3Turkey wrap platters are one of many dishes offered on the Bistro catering menu, for a very reasonable price!





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