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2018 Counselor


Welcome!  I am Sharyn Bergman, your School Counselor.  I have worked in Montgomery County teaching grades 1-4 and I’ve also been a Staff Development Teacher.  When I am not spending time with our wonderful Rock Creek Valley students and families, you can find me cooking or running around with my two daughters, husband, or my German Shepherd Mix, Ringo.     

It is my privilege to help ensure that your child has a productive and positive school year at Rock Creek Valley.  Please let me know if I can support you in any way.  I am here to help as I value the importance of connecting the school and home lives of RCV students.  I can be reached by phone at 240-740-1240 or at 

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Montgomery County School Counselors address four areas of your child’s education: Academic Achievement, Personal Development, Social Development and Career Development/Decision Making.  At RCV, these areas are addressed through the following ways:

Classroom Guidance: Classroom lessons are tailored to grade level needs.  Possible topics may include friendship, feelings, goal setting, bullying, conflict resolution, career awareness and study skills.

 Individual/Small Group Support: I meet with individual and small groups of students on an as needed basis to address academic, social or emotional issues. This may involve assistance with organizational skills, friendship issues, loss, conflict resolution, self-esteem or personal concerns. A student can be referred by a parent, RCV staff member or by student self-referral.

Responsive Counseling: I address immediate needs of children or families who may be experiencing a particular crisis. I will conference with parents and also serve as a resource for programs in the community.

Lunch BunchI meet with students during their lunch or recess time.  This is an informal opportunity to develop relationships with me and with their classmates and is an important part of encouraging student success and proactively preventing problems.

Family Support: I work with outside agencies to coordinate and provide services for our students and their families.  

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Program Mission: 

 “The RCV Peace Program promotes positive behaviors, develops student’s problem solving skills and builds character. It aims to create a safe learning environment so students can become successful members of our school community and larger communities”


Our “Soar Peace Rules”   

Solve problems using thoughtful words 

Our bodies to ourselves 

Active Learning 

Respect to others and property   


At Rock Creek Valley we aim to act “peacefully”.  As the EAGLES we SOAR when we are peaceful.  The “Peaceful Five” behaviors are embedded within SOAR.


  The Peace Program also includes: 

Quarterly Peace Assemblies to recognize our Peacemakers.

Class recognition for peaceful behavior in our cafeteria.

Individual student recognition using peace coupons for following our “Soar Peace Rules".

Positive office referrals where students receive special recognition from our Principal Mr. Burns and Assistant Principal Ms. Carr for good behavior.


Our Peace Pledge: 


    “I pledge to the best of my ability to keep peace at Rock Creek Valley. I will respect all staff and all students. I will respect our school. I will use thoughtful words to solve problems. I will try to give at least one put up each day. I will do my best to be an active learner each day.” 


Helpful links/Parenting Resources: 

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Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Reporting Form

Preventing Bullying

Internet Safety/Cyberbullying

Peer Guides Responsibilities“Info Montgomery” -Services, and programs for children, families, and adults

Parent Encouragement Program –Parenting information and education

National Family Resiliency Center, Inc. -Services and programs for children, families and adults 



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