Health Room

Julie Olson will be the school nurse at Rock Creek Valley ES this year, and Siatta Buxton continues as our Health Room Technician.  Services provided by our school nurse include crisis intervention, health counseling, case management, referral services, and health education. Our Health Tech provides first aid, emergency care, medication administration, and maintains student health records. Please feel free to contact either Ms. Lutz or Ms. Buxton with any health questions or concerns you may have at 301-460-2195.

Sick Child Policy

Please keep your children home from school for the following health reasons to protect your child and their classmates:

  • Fever over 100 degrees

  • Nausea/vomiting

  • Rash

  • Red irritated eyes

  • Symptoms of communicable disease


Medication Policy

Medication will not be administered in school nor at school-sponsored activities without parents' written authorization and a physician's written order. Medications must be delivered to school by parent or guardian, properly labeled by a pharmacist and consistent with the physician's order. Students may not bring medications to school themselves.

 Lice Policy

Head lice occur commonly in children of all backgrounds and socioeconomic groups. It spreads quickly and easily in schools, day care centers camps, and other areas where children congregate. By working together we can prevent the spread and repeated re-infestations of head lice.

School identification of head lice - students are excluded, from school until treated with a medicated shampoo or cream, and there are no visible nits.

Home identification - Please notify the health team if your child has head lice.Following treatment at home, students are re-inspected upon return to school. He/she will be re-admitted only if there are no nits present. 

Please click on the links below to contact our health room staff:

  Julie Olson , RN, SCHN

Siatta Buxton - Health Room Technician