Counselor's Corner

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Mrs. Evans 2017 School Counselor 
Mrs. Jennifer Evans

Mission Statement
The counselor is committed to creating a safe environment where students are empowered to enhance their social skills and become life long learners.
Together we can make a difference.

Counseling Resources

Did you know that your counselor

  • Works with students individually to help them problem solve difficult situations and make good choices.
  • Works with students in small groups on such topics as self-esteem, organization, separation/divorce and social skills.
  • Works with student in the classroom on focusing on topics like core values, conflict resolution, and communication skills.

How do I see my counselor?

  • I can tell my parents or my teacher that I want to see her.
  • I can go to her office and leave a note in the mailbox outside her door.
  • My teacher can recommend that I see her.
  • My principal can suggest that I meet with her.
  • My parents can request her services.
  • The counselor can send me a note to invite me to see her.
  • I may participate in a group with the counselor.

If you feel your child would benefit from talking with the counselor, please encourage them to fill out the counseling referral form outside of her office or print the referral form below and turn it into school. Parents can also fill out a referral form for their child.