Frequently Asked Questions

What do counselors do?

Counselors do many things to support students, parents and staff. Examples of support include individual counseling; small group counseling; classroom guidance lessons; make schedule changes; orient new students to JPMS; recruit, train, assign buddies to new students; peer mediation; participate on grade level teams; gather information on students being referred for additional assistance; behavior modification plans; orientation programs for 6th, 7th and 8th grades; participate on Guidance Advisory Committee; and coordinate recognition assemblies.

Do school counselors provide therapy?

Due to limitations and case loads, school counselors only do short term counseling. Students who need long term interventions are referred to therapists in our community.

What is the role of counselor in relation to parents and teachers?

The school counselor's job is to facilitate information and communication. The classroom teacher is always your primary resource regarding school work. However, the counselor participates in parent-teacher conferences, suggests interventions, and provides referrals to other community agencies.

How is a student invited to a counseling group?

Students are invited to groups through self-referral, staff recommendation, and/or parent request.

Who do I contact if my child has concerns in a particular class?

JPMS strongly recommends that you contact your child's teacher to resolve concerns or address issues in class. If you cannot work with the teacher, for whatever reason, contact your child's grade level counselor for assistance.

How can I change my child's class schedule?

Schedule changes made during the school year are made for academic purposes. For other schedule concerns, contact your child's grade level counselor for assistance. Because of enrollment restrictions, schedule changes of electives are very limited.

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