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We welcome your children once a week for a Media class and book checkout. Any student may visit as often as they like, so long as they have a pass from their teacher. The Library Media Center is open from 9:00 am - 4:00pm.

Children may borrow 2 books.  Check out some of the Favorites!

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  Locate Piney Branch Elementary in the list to search our school's media center collection from home or anywhere! Students may check their accounts by logging in with their school username and password.


On Guard OnLineChildren are sophisticated internet users, but there are always things to be careful of. Protecting your computer with a firewall, anti-virus software, and regularly installing updates to all your programs are only first steps. Downloading programs from insecure sources, chatting with strangers, revealing personal information and identity theft are some issues of greater concern. is a federally-sponsored website that addresses all the issues for children in particular (NetCetera section) and computer users in general. The is even a tab for Games that promote Cyber Safety (CyberCriminal and Friend Finder). How’s that!

Search Engines for Families

These are the programs your Browser* uses to look for Internet files. While many people search with Google, you may prefer Engines made for Kids & Families, to screen hits which are inappropriate, or just irrelevant.


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was created for students by librarians. Search by Category, Alphabetical Listing or Key Word. Use the Advanced Search to limit results by reading level or number of pictures. This is a good place to start when looking for information for school projects. Click on Search Lessons to enter the "Worlds of Web Surfing" a tutorial about searching and surfing. 


  • filters out sites and images inappropriate for children and has no advertising.

Browser*   the software your computer uses to establish an Internet connection, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, AOL, MSN, etc.

We acknowledge the Pine Crest, Chevy Chase and Bannockburn LMCs for their input to this page.

Free Computer Resources for Home Use

All students with home computers should bookmark at least one Online Encyclopedia and two other databases to help with their homework. Besides articles, these contain specially chosen websites.

The Logins and Passwords for these sites are sent home in print only, to keep their use within the PBES community. Click here to see MORE Subscription Resources, be  If you need another copy of the passwords sheet contact Eliot Edgar.

  • Britannica School is Easiest. Like all Britannica products, this will read aloud an article one paragraph at a time. Images and the “Web’s Best Sites” are pre-set for viewing.
  • Grolier’s New Book of Knowledge is also for Elementary use, but the articles are much longer. It’s strong point are the many Weblinks carefully matched to elementary reading levels.
  • Grolier’s Encyclopedia Americana is aimed at High school or proficient readers looking for detailed coverage in the article and in linked web sites.
  • PebbleGo! gives simple coverage of pets, animals, & has sound + video clips.
  • Amazing Animals by Grolier has different species of wild animals. The weblinks are outstanding.
  • eLibrary Elementary and SIRS Discoverer  are two other databases for magazine articles, videos, pictures, etc. are available.
  • CultureGrams  has unmatched coverage of states & countries around the world.

Homework Hotline - Live help!

Homework Hotline
HHL can be viewed in Montgomery County on cable TV (Comcast 34, Verizon FIOS 36, RCN 89).


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