World Studies


  • Yael Astor – 8th Grade
  • Debbie Coppula- 7th Grade
  • Kelly DeLauder – 6th Grade
  • Melissa Graham – 7th Grade
  • Megan McGraw- 7th/8th Grade
  • Rachel Noppe – 6th Grade
  • Megan Sands- 7th Grade
  • Rebecca Chung – 7th/8th Grade



  • 6th grade: My World History: Early Ages
  • 7th grade: My World History: Early Ages
  • 8th grade: American History: The Early Years


Upcoming Events

  • Greek Day - 6th grade
  • Medieval Festival - 7th grade
  • Washington D.C. Monument Field Trip - 8th grade


GlobeWe encourage parent participation and volunteers to make these programs a success for our students. If you would like to participate, please contact Mr. Aaron Shin at (301) 438-5700.