After School Activities   

activities 2019-2020





AlphaBEST delivers a creative and interactive after school extended day program designed to engage and inspire students. After having a snack, students will be provided with quiet time to work on homework. They will then participate in clubs built based on student interest.


General Information about the Parkland After-School Activities Program
After-school activities are held Tuesday through Thursday, after school every week throughout the school year, except where indicated on the school Website calendar. No activities are held on early release days or holidays. The Montgomery County Department of Recreation RecExtra program supports and supplements our after school club offerings. Most activities, except for interscholastic games and academic related clubs will start at 3:20 and end at 4:20 pm. Activity buses are available for students to ride home, but the routes are somewhat different than the regular bus routes; please check the activity bus schedule. Out consortium students will be required to have a car ride home. A few of our activities have enrollment restrictions, and some others require special equipment, so please be sure to check the requirements listed for each activity in which your child wishes to participate. Please contact Mr. Stonemeier at Parkland MS if you have any questions about after-school activities program at (301) 438-5700.

Philosophy of the Parkland After-School Activities Program
We believe that after-school activities are an integral part of the total education process for middle school students. After-school activities provide students with the opportunity to extend academic opportunities, support new areas of interest, cultivate and enhance existing skills, and grow both socially and cognitively in a safe and supportive environment. We offer a broad range of activities over the course of the school year in an effort to reach out to the varied interests of our student population. Although these activities take place after the school day is over, all of Parkland’s goals, rules, and expectations remain the same. We believe the Parkland after-school activity program is a unique program that supports the need of all of our students.