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 Bridge Services Mission  

 The mission of Bridge Services is to meet the needs of high school students with disabilities who may be challenged by social vulnerability, interpreting social cues, coping with anxiety and school stressors, establishing relationships with peers, coping with changes in routine, problem solving, abstract thinking, organizing, and sensory sensitivity.  We do this through the use of services in a continuum of settings that may include self-contained classes and opportunities for participating in general education and inclusion classes with non-disabled peers. 


 What We Do 

 The PBHS Bridge Program fosters emotional, social, and academic growth within our students, which empowers them to reach academic and social success, to the best of their abilities, so that they will become productive members of their communities and society.


Bridge Program Staff



Bridge Leadership Team

Bridge Program Teachers 

Bridge Program Para-Educators 

PBHS Bridge/LAD/LFI Staff 

  •  Andrea Schneider - Transition Support Teacher
  •  Karyn McCoy - Speech and Language Pathologist
  •  Mary Ann Katski - Employment Specialist